Date:March 22, 2013 @ Elk River Country Club


Call to order by President Andrew Hulse @ 7:45PM


Guest Remarks: 

 -  Mayor Dietz

 -  Parks & Rec Director Michael Hecker & his wife Carla were in attendance.  Discussed: Orono Park update & repair, downtown condo has potential buyer, First National Bank sold to Elk River Lutheran

 -  Nick Zerwas - Discussed 2012 city budget and property tax decrease, restaurants in the city and divers inspecting the dam


Deputy Joe Shannon discussed water safety, transporting invasive spies - very important to clean boats


Paul Dietrich of the DNR - discussed the water quality and invasive species and not accepting the LOIA petition


Patrick Plant - discussed water quality and recapped options ie Lake Management Survey


Andrew  - discussion about change in amendment, update on stipend for events and Lake Restoration Inc.


Budget for 2012 was presented and approved.


Elections:  Craig Lupien- Vice President, Lee McCullough - Secretary, Parliamentarian - Ed Buttweiler, Dist #6 Rep - Charlene Sheets, Dist #7 - Renee Lupien


2012 Event Dates:  Smelt Fry - May 9th, Progressive Dinner - July 28, Luau - September 8th, 2013 Annual Meeting - March 21, 2013.