Date:  March 21, 2013 @ Elk River Country Club



Call to order by President Andrew Hulse @ 7:45PM 


Minutes from the 2012 annual meeting were presented and approved. 


Guest Remarks:   


 -  Mayor Dietz - misc remarks about city and acknowledge that Elk River will host Hockey Day in MN, city purchased Bailey Park, taxes, presented ordinances about pulling weeds etc from Rebecca Haug. Road Franchise dollars and if they would be set aside to only  be used for roads 

 -  Barbra Burandt - City Council

 -  Sheriff Joel Brott: went over rules for the lake implemented in 1990

 -  County Commissioner Bruce Anderson: mentioned items he was working on, jail is a business

 -  Deputy Joe Shannon :  discussed water safety and how to report situations of misconduct on the water, buoys were stolen

 -  Parks & Rec Director Michael Hecker   Discussed: Orono Park Project update - showed slides of what the park will look like - 'Destination Park' to be ready in June.  


Andrew  - discussion about weed management & treatment.  Reps from Lake Restoration Inc. were there to answer questions.  LOWQ working on grants & membership survey, showed slides of SWCD Project Updates


Budget for 2013  was presented and approved.


The meeting was then turned over to Craig - incoming President.   Elections:   ???- Vice President,  Christy Cox - Treasurer , Dist # 1  Rep -  Ed Bury, Dist # 2  -  will reach out to members who live in that district to see if they are interested 


Membership is declining - several people spoke up about needing to reach out and have 'face to face contact'.  Due to low turnout to the annual meeting these was some discussion about changing the date - perhaps in the fall. 


2013 Event Dates:  Smelt Fry - May 15th, Progressive Dinner - July  27, Luau - September 7th,   Winter Progressive TBD,  Annual Meeting - March 21,  2014 . 


Adjourned  @ 9:30PM