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Orono Beach 2017 Fecal Coliform Counts

Note: Counts below 200 CFCs are considered safe

City of Elk River protocol for beach posting

Date North of beach Middle of beach South of beach Geometric means of weekly counts Geometric means of monthly counts
6/26/17 42.0CFCs 31.3CFCs 52.0CFCs 80.1
6/22/17 61.3CFCs 110.0CFCs >2419.6CFCs 253.629
6/20/17 43.7CFCs 155.3CFCs 50.4CFCs
6/15/17 195.6CFCs 148.3CFCs 86.0CFCs 141.63
6/14/17 146.7CFCs 110.6CFCs 93.3CFCs 157.4
6/13/17 613.1CFCs >2419.6CFCs 218.7CFCs
6/8/17 11.0CFCs 24.3CFCs 36.4CFCs
6/6/17 31.3CFCs 30.5CFCs 63.8CFCs
6/1/17 56.1CFCs 39.1CFCs 32.8CFCs
5/30/17 35.5CFCs 43.9CFCs 40.8CFCs

Counts from previous years

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