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March 31, 2005
Elk River Country Club

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. by President Patrick Plant. The proposed agenda prepared by Patrick Plant was approved.

Guest speakers were introduced: Mayor Stephanie Klinzing, Rebecca Haug, City of Elk River Environmental Technician and Mark Basiletti, Sherburne Soil & Water Conservation District.

Secretaries report mentioned. To be posted on the LOIA website when finalized.

Treasurer's report was read (Patrick Plant) and approved. Motion to approve requested by Doug Stillwell and 2nd motion to approve was requested by Vice President Ed Bury. Ending balance is $ 8,520.40.

Standing Committee Reports were reviewed:

Communications - Cindi Edwards-Plant updated everyone on current status of the association's newsletters, mailing lists, website and the Handbook and Directory. It was brought to the association's attention that changes to the Handbook & Directory would be beneficial. One Handbook with contact information (telephone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, etc.) would go out to all paying members of LOIA. Another Handbook and Directory (without member contact information) would be available to the general public. This was met with unanimous approval.

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Conservation and Fish Stocking - Patrick Plant reviewed the current budget for Lake Stocking. The City of Elk River is now giving us $2,000 per year for expenses to spend as we see fit, which may include stocking fish. Last year the association did not stock, so under this year's budget Patrick is proposing that we roll the amount over. It was also recognized that the DNR has its own independent program and currently stocks the lake every year.

Water Level and Flow - Vance Zehringer educated members regarding the regulation and control of Lake Orono's water level and flow. It was noted that Elk River Utilities has appointed a new Controller for this function. Residents are to contact Vance if they have any questions regarding flooding problems or lake level issues.

Pollution Control - Vance Zehringer reported that the suspected main point source pollution of fecal coliform , a feedlot on the Elk River, was in the process of being reduced and possibly eliminated. He has noticed the amount of cattle has gone from approximately 800 down to about 200 cows. The owner has been cooperative and has put up a buffer zone as well as fenced the area off - reducing the access to the river.

Safety Regulations - Kimberly Hiltbrand updated the contact information. Deputy Joe Shannon of the Sheriff's Department is the LOIA's contact regarding safety issues and concerns. Deputy Shannon shared his safety concerns to Kimberly Hiltbrand via telephone regarding his observation of personal watercraft usage and swim platform usage. Deputy Shannon mentioned the regulations for PWC shoreline rules on Lake Orono are 150'. He also mentioned that he has concerns that people on PWCs are not observing the no wake zones. Deputy Shannon discussed the issue of swim platforms. He has noticed that most swim platforms are not up to the City's Regulations. Each platform, regardless of the material it is made of, requires a permit from the Sheriff's office. This permit would provide an ID # that needs to be displayed on the platform. The platform must have reflectors on all corners. The contact inside the Sheriff's office to request an application for a permit is: Terry Carlson (763) 241-4561.

Membership - Shane Burleson and Sandy Weicht: Shane Burleson reviewed with the Association combined efforts to determine the LOIA's value to current and future members. A survey was conducted and the results were announced by Shane. It was determined that Lake Preservation was the most important benefit along with Water Quality. Social Events were important. Some members would like to hold events on weekends so they could participate more frequently.

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Lake Orono Quality Task Force

Rebecca Haug reviewed the Curly Leaf Pondweed issue. A drawdown is scheduled in October 2005. The DNR has approved the drawdown as long as it is no later than October 15th. Turtle survival past that date is a concern.

Mark Basiletti updated the association on the issues of Water Quality testing, Shoreland Restoration Projects, and the Rain Garden/Storm Water Treatment Project at the public beach scheduled for summer 2005. The MPCA is going to put Lake Orono on the impaired waters list, money would then be available to further improve the lake water quality.

Rebecca Haug updated members regarding the Beach Testing Procedures & Goose Control.

There was no Old Business.

New Business was introduced by Patrick Plant.

  • MLA is merging with a couple of other organizations and does not seem to be doing its annual conference, however, there are a few workshops mentioned on its website, and LOIA has a budget line item to send members if they wish to apply for reimbursement.

  • The 2005-2006 Budget was approved.
    Education/communications: $425
    Event expenses: $1,300
    Fish stocking: $2,000
    Goose trapping (City to pay if implemented): $2,000
    Member Educational Conference Participation: $400
    MLA membership: $120
    Postage and supplies: $350
    Safe deposit box: $25
    Donation to Elk River Watershed Association: $1,000

  • Mayor Stephanie Klinzing addressed the concerns regarding Scout Island. Situation will continue to be monitored by the city.

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  • Events for 2005 - 2006 were presented by Ed Bury. The dates are as follows:
    Smelt Fry - May 18th
    Progressive Dinner - July 30th
    Luau on the Lake - September 10th
    Annual Dinner Meeting - March 30th, 2006

  • Bylaw revisions were read and approved.

  • Introduction of new members -- Nathan and Sarah Deno and Kate and Ron Wodtke.

  • Sarah Hartman has requested a fundraiser for the Art Soup Festival with pontoon rides. Feasibility to be determined.

  • Election of Officers was conducted and approved:
    President: Ed Bury
    Vice President: Kimberly Hiltbrand
    Secretary: Sara Deno
    Treasurer: Tia Graves
    District 3 Rep: Doug Stillwell
    District 4 Rep: Rickie Buttweiler
    District 5 Rep: Elaine Hageman

Meeting was adjourned by President, Ed Bury.

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