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March 27, 2003
Elk River Country Club

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 by President Vance Zehringer. New members were introduced.

Betty Zehringer read the secretary's report. It was approved as read.

Ed Buttweiler read the treasurer's report. Initiative Foundation funding was reported on. Ending balance is $2489.95. Report was approved as read.

Committee Reports:

  • Cindi Edwards-Plant gave the Communications Committee report. We have a new lake website address. Copies of the lake directory will be available at the Smelt Fry.
  • Vance Zehringer gave the Pollution Committee report including the monitoring of the beach. July 3, 2002 the beach was ordered closed due to high levels of fecal coliform. Zehringer reported that 75% of local communities do not monitor water quality. Zehringer also reported that heavy rain, 36" from April to October, compromised the water quality in the lake.

    It was determined that the pollution was not coming down from Benton County. Tests were conducted up river, including The Elk, Tibbetts Brook, the St Francis, the Snake River, and Rice Creek.

    Theories about the sources include: flooded septic systems, cattle in the river north of Becker (800 cow feedlot which slopes into the Elk was the probable culprit). Hopefully the MPCA will help us.

    Patrick Plant asked the likelihood of a repeat, Vance said much depends on rainfall. The farmer has buffered his feedlot by an additional 100 feet at the request of the MPCA, but it's probably not enough to solve the problem.

  • Zehringer reported on the Water Level and Flow. Army Corp of Engineers has guidelines for opening or closing the dam by anticipating what comes downstream. Gates were open 50% of the time last year.
  • Dave Halgren, Membership committee, passed out a master copy of the lake map for any revisions.
  • Ed Buttweiler gave the Legislative Report. Ed's hot button: ban on lead sinkers.

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  • Water Quality Task Force Report. Patrick Plant addressed goose control. City paid for removal the past three years, won't this year. Vance Zehringer reported on the Lake Plan. Not done with lake plan as yet. Eligible for an additional $5,000 from Initiative Foundation when complete.

    Barb Kreuser addressed the problem of Curly Leaf Pondweed and Purple Loosestrife in the lake. The Curly Leaf Pondweed blooms in June.

    Zehringer reported that the Elk River Watershed Board would receive a $90,000 Federal 319 grant.

  • Ed Buttweiler reported on fish stocking. $2,000 for 3500 sunnies. The DNR stocked 60 crappies, 3/4# and one large northern at no cost.

Old Business: Tony Jarmolluk brought up goose issue. Barb K. suggested getting money from the Lions for goose removal as they are destroying Lions Park.

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The following dates were approved:

  • Smelt Fry was scheduled for Wednesday, May 14
  • Progressive Dinner, July 24
  • Luau on the Lake, September 13
  • 2003 Annual Meeting, March 25, 2004

Election of Officers:

  • Vice President Ed Bury, nominated by Steve Freitag, seconded by Tony Mikols, nominations were closed
  • District 6 Rep, Vickie Granros
  • District 7 Rep, Miles Knutsen, Tom Hartman Alternate

Budget Items:

$1600 will come from the Initiative Foundation when Plan is complete
Last year two people went to the MLA conference. MLA annual meeting April 27. Approved $150 plus mileage, conference at Cragun's Brainerd, one day, $300.
Fish stocking - $1,000
Education (Communications) - 300
Lake Sampling - City will cover cost
Shoreline Restoration - nothing for now
Goose Control - 1200
Sherburne County Soil and Water Conservation District - $500

Tony Mikols motioned to accept the budget, Doug Stillwell seconded, it was approved.

New Business:

Take up issue of Safety Committee in Executive Committee.

Vance Zehringer - Challenges for the group:

  • Orono Beach clean up day with Rotary or Lions (contact Tom McNair)
  • Highway ditch clean up (Adopt a Highway)
  • Curly Leaf Pondweed/Purple Loosestrife
  • Membership - we all have to encourage membership

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

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