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March 28, 2002
Elk River Country Club

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 by President Vance Zehringer. He thanked the staff of the ER Country Club for the fine dinner and service provided.

The president introduced guests including Mayor Stephanie Klinzing. The Mayor talked about the city's Comprehensive Plan and visioning. She said that the LOIA would be an important part of that planning process. Tony Mikols asked the Mayor if a fishing pier would be part of the downtown planning. The Mayor stated that a lot of things are being considered for downtown and she could not address the fishing pier directly but stated that whatever does happen must include the riverfront.

Ed Buttweiler read the treasurer's report. It was approved as read. Betty Zehringer read the secretary's report. It was approved as read.

Committee Reports:

  • Vance Zehringer gave the Pollution Committee report, which included Secchi disk readings, water sampling and bacteria in the lake.
  • Steve Rohlf stated that the fecal coliform bacteria count is quite low typically, and contrary to public opinion, that the lake is quite clean.
  • Sara Hartman gave a Safety report. She stated that she would meet with Rickie Buttweiler to define the responsibilities of the Safety Comm.
  • Vance Zehringer reported on the water level and flow (opening and closing of the dam.) He stated that there had been no calls last summer about low water levels but many on the high water levels.
  • Dave Halgren, Membership committee, passed out a master copy of the lake map for any revisions.
  • Ed Buttweiler gave a legislation update.

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  • Mark Pelham of the DNR in Melrose, spoke to us about carp in the Lake. He stated that carp are prolific spawners, one female can product 2,000,000 eggs. He stated that carp eat aquatic plants and insects in the lake and suspend sediment in the water. They compete with game species for space and resources. He stated that the DNR has spotted redhorse in the lake and they are intolerant of poor water quality.

    He stated that the use of nets and traps can reduce the carp population but that they recolonize quickly. He stated that carp thrive in fertile lakes and that since Lake Orono is fed by a river, the elimination of carp is nearly impossible. He also distributed written info on carp.

  • Vance Zehringer addressed stocking the Lake again with 1,000 crappies and 1500 sunnies. Motion was made by Sara Hartman to provide up to $1000 do the stocking as recommended. It was seconded and passed.
  • Ed Buttweiler reported on the goose trapping. They trapped less this year due to the fact that many geese were on private property and the property owners refused access for trapping.
  • Patrick Plant reported on the fertilizer ordinance. The state is looking at a law to eliminate the use or fertilizers containing phosphorous. He also recommended a lawn service that uses only organic products.
  • Cindi Edwards-Plant reported on the buffer-strip project. She stated that the use of buffer-strips keeps geese off lawns and filters pollutants from high runoff areas. She showed slides of the demonstration project at the Donnelly property which features grasses and wildflowers.

    Barb Krueser voiced concerns about that demonstration project because it was located in an area that would not filter street runoff.

  • Vance Zehringer reported on the Healthy Lakes Partnership Program Sponsored by the Initiative Foundation.

    Doug Malchow, University of Minnesota Extension Service Educator addressed the group about the Visioning Session to be held April 9th at the new Lions Building. He stressed the importance of all lake owners to participate in that process so they can have a voice in planning the future of the lake.

Old Business: There was no old business.

New Business: Cindi Edwards-Plant talked about the new Lake Orono Directory she has developed. Plans are to have them ready for distribution at the Smelt Fry on May 15.

The president reported on the 2002-2003 calendar:

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Conference, St. Cloud. John Weicht moved that we pay for sending up to send 6 people to the conference, the motion was seconded and approved.

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The following dates were approved by the group:

  • Smelt Fry was scheduled for Wednesday, May 15
  • Progressive Dinner, July 18
  • Luau on the Lake, September 14
  • 2003 Annual Meeting, March 27

Budget Items:

Fish stocking     $1,000
Education     300
Lake Sampling     330
Shoreline Restoration     800

John Weicht motioned to accept the budget as presented, Sara Hartman seconded, it was approved.

Election of Officers:

Betty Zehringer agreed to continue as secretary

Vern Draxler was continued as Parlimentarian

Kim Hiltbrand accepted the position of area rep for District 2

Pat Mikols agreed to continue as area rep for District 3

Lisa Frietag accepted the position of area rep for District 4 with help from Lisa Close

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Recorder, Betty Zehringer

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